Peter Romeo

Founder/Creative Director


With over 30 years in the graphics field, Pete has worn every hat there is. His longest stint prior to Wooly Head was a 22-year run as Creative Director of a Manhattan design firm specializing in licensing design. His passion is creating beautiful design that communicates his clients' brands to their core audiences. He prides himself on being on board with every client experience 100%.

When not at the keyboard or at a client meeting, Pete can be found playing guitar or at an NHL rink near you.

Josette Millar

Director of Interactive Design


Our calm and sensible international import from Switzerland, Josette has brought voice to brands like Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, and Memorial Sloan Kettering, all  while never actually raising hers. She excels at directing clients to the best outcomes while understanding the end users needs.

She is also famous for convincing people to adopt healthy, plant-based diets.

Nick Mahieu

Director of All Things Tech


Nick has been creating experiences on the web since the dot com bubble, and in the Responsive Web Design era has specialized in Bootstrap-based development. With years of experience in design, branding, and marketing, Nick brings a perspective to projects that goes beyond the “how to build it."

Most recently, Nick has studied Product Management at General Assembly to level-up his skills on the strategy side. Want to talk about KPIs, user flow, or usability testing? So does Nick.